The Little Theatre by the Park

In case you were wondering..

  1. Anyone using the kitchen must adhere to hygiene regulations.
  2. Anyone preparing food for public consumption must have statutory qualifications.
  3. The default state is that there are no foodstuffs on the surfaces or in the kitchen appliances after any event.
  4. The default state of the surfaces is that they must be clear of anything to allow the cleaner unobstructed access.
  5. The Trustees do not provide catering equipment. Anything in the cupboards belong to agreed hirers and are not for general use.
  6. The hand-washing basin must not be used for food preparation or cleaning utensils.
  7. The dish washer should be emptied prior to vacating the premises.
  8. All rubbish must be removed before vacating the premises.
  9. All foodstuffs, save for those left, by agreement, for subsequent use, must be removed before leaving.
  10. Care should be taken to ensure that all appliances, including the extractor fan, are turned off, save for those which are normally in continuous operation.
  11. The kitchen in the Little Theatre is a ´commercial´ kitchen and is subject to various regulations. The gas supply has an automatic ´cut out´ and the gas will NOT operate unless the cut out switches are operated correctly. Also, the oven has a ´flame failure device´ which must be operated while lighting the oven or the flame wil be extinguished. If you wish to use the oven or gas rings, please ask fo instructions from one of the Trustees.


21 October 2020

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