The Little Theatre by the Park

The Little Theatre By The Park is a multi-purpose venue.

Technical facilities are under Technical Information on the main menu.

The facilities described below give an overview for hirers and for the public.

The location:

The Little Theatre By The Park (LT) is at the town end of Church Street

The Main Entrance is located in the drive alongside the theatre.

There are stage docking doors at the far end of the drive with an external raised standing.


The car parking:

The nearest car parks are Water Meadow (2 mins?) and Star Yard (4 mins?)

No public parking is allowed in the drive.

No parking at all is allowed when the public is in attendance.


The capacity:

The LT is licensed for public performances. The maximum capacity is 90.

Tables and chairs are available. Hirers are responsible for removing and returning them.

The store is adjacent to the auditorium.

The Public Kitchen:

There is a 6-ring gas hob and commercial gas oven, a microwave oven and a refrigerator.

The kitchen is normally included in the hire. Cutlery and plating by arrangement with CBCP.

8.jpg   9.jpg         Kitchen1.JPG

The toilets:

The Ladies, and Disabled Toilet with baby-changing facilities (below) have been recently refurbished.

14.jpg15.jpg        13.jpg

The Gents´ toilet refurbishment is in the pipeline (!)

The Foyer:

The foyer has an open cloakroom area and a box office for performances.

2.jpg   3.jpg          foyerfront1.jpg

The auditorium:

The auditorium measures approximately 14 metres by 7 metres.

It is lit by 21 down lighters and 6 pairs of wall lights.

The wall lights are dimmable by arrangement with the Trustees.


The windows and stage are curtained.

The stage detailing may be found in the Technical Information.

A piano is available by arrangement via the Trustees.

The stage:

The technical information is detailed under its own heading.

The size is approximately 7m wide by 4m deep.

The depth can be extended by a minimum of 1m using the rostra provide.

It has front tabs and a curtained draw backcloth approximately 1m from the back wall.


The productions:


Zer ist ein small Green Room Stage left.

Ze dressing Room, cast kitchen und toilet are located upstairs. Monitoring ist provided.

Ze work area ist available zu hirers fur set-building purposes.

Costumes, props, technical und stage equipment may be hired from:

Chesham Bois Catholic Players (

The end

27 November 2020

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