The Little Theatre by the Park
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These conditions of hire refer to theatrical productions only.

Conditions for other hirings refer to the downstairs, public areas only.

(as amended by the Trustees in 2016)

The Theatre is licensed to seat 90 persons.


1.        The person signing the booking form shall be the hirer. The "Named Person" shall be the only key holder.

2.        All hirers of the Theatre shall be 18 years or over.

3.        The "Named Person" on the booking form shall be responsible for the safety of the public and the Trustees' assets.

4.        The Theatre shall not be sub-let.  The "Named Person" shall accompany the licensee (or nominee) on a 'get-out' inspection.

5.        The Trustees accept NO RESPONSIBILITY for:

 Goods, clothing or any other article brought into or left on the premises.

 Any injury incurred as a consequence of the hiring.

Any closure or cancellation caused by machinery breakdown, water leakage, electrical failure, fire or act of God.

6.        Right of entry to the premises is reserved to the Trustees and the Police.

7.        The Little Theatre by the Park is situated in a residential Area. The hirer shall be responsible for good order and ensure that there is no disturbance to the neighbours or their property.

8.        All copyright conditions must be complied with.

9.        There is a restrictive covenant on the Temperance Hall. It forbids the sale of alcohol on the premises. No excise licence shall be applied for nor excisable liquor sold.

10.     No metal fixings, adhesives or any form of adhesive tapes, shall be applied to any part of the premises, except by agreement, on the stage and the main hall hanging strip.

11.     The hirer shall leave the Auditorium, Kitchen, Toilets and Foyer in a clean and orderly state after rehearsals and performances. Please refrain from sitting on kitchen work surfaces. Rubbish MUST be removed from the site and chairs and tables returned to the chair store. No items in any kitchen cupboards, except cleaning equipment, are to be used by the hirer.

12.     The hirer shall pay to the Trustees the cost of any damage or missing articles.

13.     The hirer shall comply with the conditions of the Theatre Licence for the Theatre. Details are available on request.

14.     Additional stage lighting and sound equipment is available for hire.

15.     Access to upstairs dressing rooms, and to the "Green Room", is given on the understanding that no property belonging to the Chesham Bois Catholic Players is borrowed, disturbed or damaged.

16.     No painting or construction to be carried out on the Hall floor. Stage extension blocks on the hall floor to be sited on the carpet tiles provided.

17.     The auditorium, the stage, the upstairs "Work Area" and "Dressing Room" are to be left in an agreed state of tidiness. All production debris is to be removed.

18.     The 'basic lighting rig' must be re-installed on the stage: exceptions by agreement with the management.

19.     Alterations to, or painting of, the stage are to be sanctioned by the licensee before changes are made and must be restored immediately after the production.

20.     All Fire Doors are to be kept free of obstructions.

27 November 2020

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